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Herbarium GB - Detailed type record


  •  Accession no: GB-0048440
  •  Group: Dicotyledones
  •  Family: Primulaceae
  •  Scientific name: Primula assamica Fletcher
  •  Basionym:
  •  Type: Type
  •  Country: India
  •  Primary division: Assam
  •  Secondary division:
  •  Collection: Kingdon-Ward, Francis 13715
  •  Exsiccata:
  •  Date: 1938-06-08
  •  Original name: Primula assamica H.R.Fletcher Type duplicate
  •  Original text: Loc. Orka La. Bhutan Frontier: Assam Himalaya. 12-14,000ft. 8.6.1938 Flowers mauve with large white eye. Inflorescence and foliagw mealy, under surface of Leaves snowy white with meal. On steep alpine turf slopes facing the sun, where it is dwarf and compact; and in damper shadier positions on the cliffs, under rocks, where it grows much more lush, usually with darker flowers. Common at 13,00ft. alpine region. Coll.F.Kingdon-Ward No. 13715 Flora of Assam 1938
  •  Notes:
  •  Comments:
  •  Altitude (m): 4000
  •  Latitude:
  •  Longitude:



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